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  • Where does Genius Dispatch find freight?
    Through loadboards ,brokers and/or shippers and connections developed through our professional networks.
  • Can I use your service for a week or two weeks?
    Yes, we will do the work wether it is only for one load or a million.
  • Will Genius Dispatch negotiate freights for me?
    Yes, we have a team of great closers that will get the best loads at the best price for you!
  • How do I sign up for this service?
    Click on the Contact Button on the top right corner of this website or scroll all the way to the bottom if you are on your phone and fill out the information on the contact form. We will call you and send you an email. Let´s do business.
  • What are the requirements to have a dispatch agent?
    Your W9 Form Your MC Authority acceptance document Dispatcher-Carrier Agreement filled and signed (Optional) Dispatch authorization form filled and signed. In this form you authorizes Genius Dispatch to accept freight loads for you, fill out Brokers/Customer Carrier set up packets for you and sign Load confirmations and contact your insurance company for every load. It is like a power of attorney where you authorize to book loads for you in your name and you don’t have to fill out any paper work. Contact us to receive on your email the Dispatch-Carrier Agreement and the Dispatch Authorization Form. Click Here
  • How much do dispatchers charge?
    Regular rates with other companies are between 6% to 10% per load. At Genius dispatch we only charge 7% flat rate per load. We believe that hardworking owner operators and carriers should stop paying ridiculous high rates for a dispatch service. Click here to get the 7% flat rate dispatch service
  • Do you cover all 48 states?
    Yes. We cover all 48 states.
  • Can I reject a load you offered me?
    Yes! You are the boss, you decide which loads to take or not.
  • Do you offer fuel advances?
    No. We can ask the broker / shipper or carrier´s factoring company for these fuel advances on your behalf.
  • What factoring companies do you work with?
    We work with all factoring companies and will send all the required paperwork for you.
  • Do you work with new carriers?
    Yes. We are there for you since the first day. We work with new carriers that are looking to grow their business. Click her to work with us now!
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