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A Great Team you can count on!

Jessica Mejía

David Cabrera




Customer Service Professional and Project Management.
Dedicated and Passionated in such a big industry. Remarkable knowledge of the market ensures a perfect suit to help any trucking business on its path to success.


Serial Entrepreneur and Investor.
Determined and focused on business development with a strong work ethic. Primary Mission: to help every Owner Operator and Business Owner in the industry with the right strategies for a rapid growth. 


Elisa Amaya



Special Education Professional.
Our priority is that our drivers feel satisfied with the work and attention we provide. Fulfilling their objectives and obtaining good paying loads even when the market is down and fuel rates are extremely high is a must. Negotiation is our mastery.


Carolina Luna

Sales Manager


Professional in Business Administration and Chef.
Real human relation and communication is key for a proper development in order to accomplish every goal based in our carriers main needs. Sharing our entire knowledge for a side by side progress is essential.



Carlos Martinez



Professional Logistics Engineer.
As a dispatcher the most important factor of the job is to cultivate good relationships with our carriers. We are always open to improve and for any feedback. Our empathy and patience give us the opportunity to make an excellent job.


Gregory Valerio

Financial Manager


Professional in Business Management. Charisma and Dedication are core values that will allow outstanding performance in this industry. Valuable results come along with all great opportunities if they are held correctly and time is the biggest asset.


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